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Our Training philosophy

The human lifestyle in the modern world is often lacking in diversity of movements.
We have changed the environment in which we live and move. This eventually having consequences for our health and wellbeing

During your stay at the camp, you will be trained and challenged to perform a wide range of tasks and movemens, in varied types of terrains and environments. All the training will take place outside.

Moving and training in a natural terrain using natural objects, opposed to training in a regular flat surfaced gym, using standardized equipment or machines, has the potential of a much broader and more varied stimulus.

In the training you will find some of the following components:

Barefoot running & sprinting, offtrack and uphill running. Training with natural objects, Boxing, Kettlebell training, parkour, yoga and mobility work, Bodyweight strength and conditioning. Varius games and competitions.


We choose not to run a standardized course week after week and instead adjust the program for weather conditions and fitness level of participants, while making room to throw in some surprises as well.

To give you an idea, one day of the week might go a little something like this:

  • 8.30am –  Morning Training
  • 12pm – Brunch
  • 12.30pm- Relax
  • 4pm – Boxing + Strength & Conditioning workout on the beach
  • 6 pm  – Deep stretching or yoga
  • 8 pm – Dinner

During a week there will also be a massage, and we will have activities such as surfing or horse riding